"Quilting Natural Florida" at the University of Florida's Florida Museum of Natural History

Gainesville, Florida June 10 through September 4, 2006

banner outside museum

Look at the size of the banner with my heron! This is outside the Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida.


As we entered the Museum, the reception area was crowded.

DD and I

That's my daughter on the right, my "Morning Snack" in the middle, and I am on the left.

My lovely daughter

My Bromeliad and my beautiful daughter

SIL at poster

My dear son-in-law and I looking at the show's poster


There were many beautiful quilts in the show,


and many people came to the opening.

mangroves in the middle

That's my "Mangroves" in the middle.

"I don't know..."

Aaron is making a point. Andi looks unconvinced!


The reception area
with a cloud of butterflies hanging from the ceiling!