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Non-Compliance & Rejection
A Letter from Andi
Our Experience at the Transplant Forum
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Our Experience at the Transplant Forum

On October 14th, the Transplant Foundation of South Florida held a Forum for Pre- and Post-transplant patients. My good friend, Patty Scott, professor of Occupational Therapy at FIU and a liver transplant recipient, was the panel moderator and invited both my daughter and me to speak at the Forum about family issues in transplantation.

We quickly agreed, although we both admit to being nervous. We spoke, along with two other panel members, each in turn about our experiences during the stages of transplantation:

But what we had to say could potentially save lives. In front of the large group gathered for the Forum, Andi took full personal responsibility for her non-compliance and rejection, and I described my physical and emotional ordeal with the whole experience. There were a few people in the audience dabbing at their eyes, and we received great feedback after the panel discussion ended.

I must tell you that this experience provided for both of us an opportunity for healing and closure. We are much closer now, and no longer looking back in regret, but forward with hope. I now know for certain that Andi is ready to take responsibility for her actions, and will be OK when she gets the next transplant.

November 2000: She just received her Transplant beeper!

May 2001: Andi is handling the peritoneal dialysis well. There are ups and downs, of course, and it's quite a job balancing blood pressure, diet, etc. She also finished two classes working toward elementary certification with an A and a B. I'm very proud of her.

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