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September 15. I am back at work part-time, feeling quite a bit improved in the past week. Andi is doing wonderfully, much more energy and talking about going back to work and starting graduate school.

All in all a tremendously gratifying experience. Many thanks for your prayers and good thoughts.

October 1. Andi is still doing very well, handling the ups and downs, drug interactions, side effects, etc. in great spirits. I am just now starting to feel pretty normal except for my endurance which will take time to build up.

October 9. Andi has gone back to work half-time! She's amazing.

And here she is at Halloween with Aaron. We're all doing great!

February 1999

We both passed our six-month checkup. Both kidneys are doing well! Hooray!!!

June 1999

Andi ran a 3K race this weekend. Felt great. I am amazed. Here she is before another race with her brother, Matt, and his friend, Scott.

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